Twitter tips

Linda Barclay Isles
Monday 29 January 2024
  • Your audience will probably be online at different times of the day, so try posting at different times of the day. Schedule posts for through the night to target international audiences.
  • Change the feature image or video for each post. This will also make the content look fresh to people who have already seen the post.
  • If you are promoting a longer article, focus on smaller sections of the same article. Share a post for each section but link to the same article.
  • Use plain English and always check spelling and grammar before posting.
  • Remember your target audience, what tone and style of writing are they likely to respond to? Don’t be afraid to use humour in your posts and comments if it is appropriate.
  • Do not break news or important announcements, or speculate about University business. All breaking news should be handled by  Communications via the official channels.
  • Check current news to make sure anything you plan to post won’t appear insensitive or inappropriate.
  • Engage diplomatically, don’t get into arguments online and remember that people are entitled to their opinion even if you don’t agree with it. However, any abusive or threatening comments should be reported to Communications.
  • Monitor your accounts, respond to any questions or comments left on your posts. This also allows you to moderate any inappropriate users.

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